Industrial Filter

Because compressed air is such a versatile tool, it’s no surprise that compressed air lines and pneumatic equipment are key implements in many industrial facilities. Moisture is always present in compressed air, and contaminants are all but inevitable in compressed air systems. Together, moisture and contaminants can wreak havoc on pneumatic equipment and compressed air lines by causing rust, ruining paint, and shortening the working life of expensive equipment.

To protect your compressed air system and components, you need effective, reliable air filtration. If you use compressed air, you need a La-Man filter.

5 Micron Filtration for All Industrial Compressed Air Systems

La-Man’s patented Extractor/Dryers and other filtration products provide filtration down to 5 microns or smaller for 15 to 2000 CFM compressed air applications. Our filters are ideal for all industrial compressed air systems, including:

  • Air Motors
  • Paint/spray lines
  • Sandblasting
  • Air control valves & cylinders
  • Pneumatic tools
  • ANYWHERE compressed air is used

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Why Use La-Man Filters for Industrial Applications?

Simply put, our industrial filters provide better and more consistent filtration than the competition. Most industrial filters are cylindrical or bowl-shaped, and require a constant flow of air to maintain the circular air motion needed for proper filtration. However, most industrial pneumatic applications do not generate a constant air flow.

La-Man’s filters are different. These specially designed media depth coalescing filters do not require constant air flow, and provide superior filtration in start-and-stop industrial compressed air applications. Our 2-stage Extractor/Dryer uses a coalescing filter to remove moisture from compressed air lines. The second stage will filter remaining particles down to 5 microns (smaller micron ratings are available).

To provide the best filtration, our industrial compressed air filters are designed to be installed directly at the point of use, rather than at the compressor. This filters out additional liquid that may have condensed as the air traveled through the line, protecting your valuable pneumatic equipment and decreasing downtime.

La-Man industrial Extractor/Dryer can be serviced without removing the unit from the compressed air line. Filters can be replaced quickly and easily with minimal disruption of your daily operations.

For more information or to request a quote on La-Man filters, please fill out our contact us form.

Features of La-Man Industrial Filters

  • Different models available for flow rate from 15 CFM to 2000 CFM
  • Multi-stage filtration down to 5 microns standard
  • Filtration down to 0.2 microns available
  • Mounting brackets included (except 520’s) for easy installation at the point of use
  • Differential pressure gauges standard on all models except 520’s
  • Service kits available for all models