SuperStar™.01 Micron Filter for Pneumatic Applications

When you need a compressed air filter that progressively cleans and dries air down to the .01 micron level, La-Man has the right filter for you. The La-Man® SuperStar™.01 micron Filter is designed to deliver the finest quality compressed air while removing oily hydrocarbon vapors. This unique system will work in various pneumatic applications that depend on the highest standards of compressed air. If you already have the Extractor/Dryer® and now require cleaner air, the Superstar .01 micron filter is available as an add-on option.

0.01 Micron Filter Compressed Air Stages

Our Superstar™ .01 micron filter is designed to remove oil and other particles from the compressed air source. The filter is designed to provide full filter capabilities at any flow rate up to is rate capacity. Additionally, the charcoal absorption qualities of this filter will also protect your finished product and safeguard sensitive equipment downstream from the unit.

  1. The La-Man Extractor/Dryer (1st and 2nd stages) extracts and removes 99.9% of liquids and particles down to 5 microns. It comes standard with a differential pressure gauge and our patented automatic float drain.
  2. The La-Man Automatic Float drain is designed to automatically remove collected liquids from the base of the Extractor/Dryer.
  3. The 3rd and 4th stages of this .01 micron filter will remove any remaining particles larger than .01 micron. With its unique charcoal absorption element, the oily hydrocarbon vapors are prevented from reaching the application.

Industries that rely on the La-Man® SuperStar™ .01 Micron Filter

  • Paint Spray Booth
  • Food/ Packaging Plants
  • Meat Processing Plants
  • Bakeries
  • Bottling Plants
  • Clean Air Rooms
  • CMM/ CNC Machines
  • Dental Offices

Special Features Standard on all La-Man® SuperStar™ .01 Micron Filter Sizes:

  • Full 50, 75, or 100 SCFM
  • Automatic Float Drain
  • Differential Pressure Gauges
  • Carbon Element to absorb oil vapors
  • No Electrical Requirements
  • Includes Mounting Brackets
  • Permanent Durable Housing
  • Annual Service Kit available

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As a leading manufacturer for quality compressed air products, La- Man’s Superstar™ .01 micron filter offers you the reliability you need in a compressed air filter. We maintain a fully stocked inventory that allows us to ship most items the same day they are ordered. Trust us for all your pneumatic air filtration needs.

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