Oil Vapor Filtration for Compressed Air Systems

For certain pneumatic applications to perform optimally, compressed air is required to be moisture and vapor-free. When pneumatics are exposed to moisture or contaminated compressed air, operational problems such as corrosion, rusting, and clogging can occur. The result can lead to incorrect equipment readings, accelerated wear, and even complete pneumatic system failure. Knowing how important clean compressed air is to a multitude of industries, La-Man has created an oil vapor filter, “Oiliminator™” that works seamlessly with our Extractor/Dryer© compressed air filter. Contact La-Man for a powerful, effective oil mist, and oil vapor filtration for your pneumatic system.

Industrial Oil Mist Filter Process

La-Man’s Oiliminator™ oil vapor and oil mist filter is a third and fourth stage add-on unit designed for installation after our two-stage Extractor/Dryer. Our Extractor/Dryers use innovative engineering to provide particulate filtration down to 5 micron in compressed air systems.

  • In stage one, a coalescing effect and special cartridge mesh filters capture and collect particles.
  • During the second stage, air is dried, filtered again through different filtration media, and sent into the Oiliminator™.
  • The third stage of the Oiliminator™ utilizes a charcoal absorption element to absorb all oil mists and vapors.
  • The fourth stage contains two types of filtration media: an activated charcoal filter and a co-knit cotton and stainless depth final filter.

    Together, all four stages make this a high efficiency filtration system that removes oil, vapors, aerosols, liquid water, and other contaminants from compressed air lines.

Dependable Oil Filtration to Fit Your Pneumatic System

  1. The Extractor/Dryer® removes particles down to 5 micron and 99% of the condensed liquids from the air line.
  2. The SuperStar™ .01 Micron Filter removes harmful moisture, oil vapors and other contaminants down to .01 micron. This .01 micron filter is vital to protecting the membrane and ensuring it to last indefinitely. This filter may be purchased separately when dew points are not an issue.
  3. Provided is a convenient Flex Hose that allows the membrane to be installed in any position.
  4. The SuperStar™ Membrane Dryer continuously removes the water vapor before the air reaches the application.

    NOTE: La-Man has various sizes available for our series of SuperStar ™ Membranes. The AMD-035 has capabilities of up to 35 SCFM.

Order Your Oil Vapor Filter Today

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