Industry-Leading Compressed Air Filtration Products

Having a compressed air system that runs efficiently and effectively requires high-quality air filtration products that produce clean, dry, compressed air. Water and oil particles, dirt particles, and other impurities can wreak havoc on the functionality of your air filtration system. To keep your air filtration running at optimal levels, top-quality air filtration products are a must.

At La-Man Corporation, we understand the needs of industrial manufacturers. Whether it is moisture issues or low-pressure issues, our compressed air filters and dryers offer a solution to many compressed air system problems. Our patented air filters are not flow sensitive, which means they do not require constant air flow or pressure. These filters are a versatile alternative to most filters that are dependent on constant airflow and pressure to remove liquids.

Point-of-use compressed air filter with ranges from 15-2000 SCFM. This two-stage coalescing removes liquids and filters compressed air down to 5 microns.

A four stage coalescing filter that removers liquid, filters to 0.01 micron, and absorbs oil mist and vapors.

Delivers ultra clean and dry compressed air to any application. It will also remove liquids, filters to 0.01 micron, absorbs oil mist & vapors, and lowers the dew point of compressed air.

Cools the air from a compressor in order to extract the moisture before air is sent downstream.
This inline dryer is placed within 6 feet of the end use to remove condensation and contaminates.
Preventive maintenance helps treat many compressed air problems. Our line of drains efficiently relieves moisture from tanks and compressors.
A third & fourth stage add-on filter installed after your existing Extractor/Dryer. The Oiliminator uses an activated charcoal to absorb oil mists & vapors.
Reach OSHA standards of Grade “D” quality air from our complete line of breathing systems and accessories such as hoods, masks, & hoses.
A maintenance kit with replacement “Filters” for your Extractor/Dryer and other La-Man Products.

Compressed Air Products for the Industrial Market

We stock compressed air filtration products and air dryers suitable for numerous industries and applications. Our compressed air products provide the quality and versatility needed for any compressed air system. From our Extractor/Dryers to our maintenance service kits, our air filtration products can be found in a variety of industrial markets, including:

We know how important it is for our customers to get their compressed air systems up and running as quickly as possible. Because we stock all our compressed air filtration products, we can offer our customers same-day shipping.

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La-Man has over 40 years of experience as a leading manufacturer of compressed air filtration products. Our expertise within the air filtration industry means we recognize the importance of having quality air filtration products that help compressed air systems run as productively as possible. Our focus is on providing the best air filtration products that not only meet but exceed our customer’s expectations. Contact us to discuss your air filtration needs today.