Inline Pneumatic Dryers

Maintaining your compressed air system should be a priority in order to keep contaminants and other unwanted particles from passing through the system. Pneumatic system corrosion can equate to a loss of system efficiency and ultimately permanently damage your compressed air system. Our in-line SPG100 Pneumatic/Dryers are a great supplement to cleaning your compressed air just before the end use.

SPG100 W/Element SPG102

Inline Pneumatic Dryer Advantages

Our inline pneumatic dryers remove unwanted moisture, oil, dirt, rust particles, and other contaminants. Only 5 inches in length, this unit is installed within 6 feet of the end use to protect your tools and finished products. The La-Man Pneumatic/Dryer provides a permanent brass housing as opposed to disposables. Our inline filter can be fitted to your pneumatic equipment or hoses. Replacement elements are also available (see specifications).

Dryer/Pneuguard® Oiler SPG903

Our Dryer/Pneuguard® Oiler ensures your shop tools are receiving clean, dry, air while delivering a continuous fine mist of lubrication. Mounted just ahead of your air tools this device accomplishes both tasks. Replacement elements (SPG102) are available.

Pneuguard® Oiler SPG201

The La-Man Pneuguard® Oiler is an ingenious lubricant reservoir that delivers a fine mist of oil to air tools as they operate. This unit will work in any position whether stationary or mobile. It has an adjustable flow control for proper lubrication. Oil Capacity 1 oz.

Inline Pneumatic Dryer Advantages

To maintain the efficiency of the SPG units, it is recommended the elements should be changed every 30 days.
(Models: SPG100, SPG103, SPG201, SPG903)

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