Remove Moisture from Compressed Air (Dry Compressed Air)

Moisture in compressed air has always been an issue, and if not taken seriously and removed, can cause expensive damage to your equipment, parts and finished products. The most effective way to remove moisture from compressed air lines is via filtration. 

Specially-designed filters installed in pneumatic systems will remove moisture and contaminants from pneumatic systems. Filters can be integrated into the compressed air line at the compressor or at the point of use (directly before the pneumatic tool being used). Because condensation, rust, dust, scale, and other contaminants can accumulate along the compressed air line between the compressor and the tool, filtration at the point of use is generally preferred. 

Using point of use filters to remove moisture from compressed air lines not only gives users clean, dry air where they need it, these devices can also save users thousands of dollars versus filtering the air at the compressor.

Contact La-Man for Your Industrial Filter Needs

Since 1979, La-Man’s patented Extractor/Dryers®, SuperStar™ 0.01 micron filters, and AMD Series SuperStar™ membrane dryers have been removing moisture and contaminates from compressed air lines. Our high performance filtration modules will help you get the best performance from your pneumatic system. Contact us today to request a quote on La-Man industrial filters for your compressed air system or for more information. We look forward to working with you.