Membrane Dryers for Ultra-Clean and Dry Air

Engineered for long-term reliability and efficient air filtration, the La-Man-Dry AMD Series SuperStar™ Membrane Dryer is the optimal choice for providing compressed air applications with ultra-clean and dry air. This high-quality dryer filters the compressed air down to .01 micron and also lowers the dew point by diffusing the water vapor into the surrounding atmosphere to deliver moisture-free, ultra clean, and dry compressed air.

The La-Man® Extractor Dryer® combined with the La-Man® SuperStar™ .01 Micron Filter provides an industry-leading four-stage pre-filtration system for the membrane dryer. Due to the importance of proper pre-filtration for any membrane dryer, La-Man® has taken the necessary steps to incorporate this four-stage system to protect our AMD Series SuperStar™ Membrane Dryer.

How the Refrigerated Air Dryer works:

The Refrigerated Air Dryer from La-Man Corporation uses a unique 3-in-1 heat exchanger to first pre-cool the air, secondly to refrigerate the air to condense out all liquid vapors, lastly returns heat to the air to prevent downstream pipe sweating and condensation.

Specifications for Refrigerated Air Dryers:

  • Lighted Power ON / OFF Switch
  • Dew Point Indicator
  • Inlet pressure range = 20 PSIG to 232 PSIG
  • Inlet temperature range = 40°F to 149° F
  • Ambient air temperature range = 41° F to 122° F
  • Electrical requirements: 115vac/50/60cyc/1ph

Refrigerated Air Dryer Benefits:

  • Easy Installation
  • Environmentally friendly R134A refrigerant
  • Low Yearly Maintenance
  • Quiet Operation

Why the La-Man Refrigerated Air Dryer?




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(Models: RED25, RED 35, RED50, RED75, RED100)